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Slackjaw is presented in an interactive audio comic format. What is an audio comic you ask? Great question! When reading a comic, we all sometimes wonder what a character might sound like. The creators of SlackJaw have taken out the guesswork by providing all of the voices and sound effects for you! Roll your cursor over any speech bubble or sound effect in the comic. Then click! It’s that simple. To enjoy the comic in classic format, click nothing!

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Are you plagued by the living dead?
Have a house guest that has stayed past their expiration date?
Got a cadaver walking a hole in your carpet?
If the answer is “yes,” then don’t wait another minute to pick up the phone.
Call Slackjaw!

Servicing the greater New Winchester area, We provide the best 24 hour zombie de-animation service.
If you’ve lost a loved one that has refused to pass on – We’re ready to bereave you! 1-800-454-8000

Did you ever wonder what happens after the credits roll in your favorite zombie movie?
SlackJaw, a green collared comedy created by P.J. Simmers and Greg Benge, takes you to the city of New Winchester where life and death have reached a strange equilibrium. Follow an independent crew of coffin jockeys on their nine to five quest to rid the streets of the living dead, for a competetive fee.

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Position: OwnerCallahan has been in the biz ever since Outbreak. A veteran of the Zed War, he continues his service in the private sector. He’s built SlackJaw from the ground up, modifying his auto shop as the base of operations. Health concerns have desked him to book keeping and invoice duty which could prove a greater challenge than any horde he has faced. Things aren’t as easy for one of the last independent outfits in town.Weapon of Choice: Shovel

Callahan is voiced by Ian Grant.

Position: Driver, MissionaryHe keeps a head count, but it’s not of the zombies he’s killed. Ollie is more concerned with using his uniform to score with the ladies than to battle the undead. Of course, he takes the job seriously enough not to get fired or worse. Safety is job number one. He’s real middlemanagement material.Weapon of Choice: Revolver, Wang

Ollie is voiced by Tim Burkhardt.

Position: Employee of the Month
Like many, Daryl was orphaned by the undead pandemic. Fueled by and an insatiable vengeance, Daryl loves his job almost as much as he hates those shuffling &%@# skunk-rot abominations! By his logic, Sun Tsu’s edict “Know your enemy” includes every zombie comic, film and pop culture reference available. Now if only he could get a decent weapon…Weapon of Choice: Hattori Hanzo Katana (Replica), Crowbar (Stick).Daryl is voiced by P.J. Simmers.

Position: Newbie
He probably won’t even last fifteen minutes out there.Weapon of Choice: Aluminum Bat, RPS

Newbie is voiced by Greg Benge.

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Guilded Age Zombie Roomie Surviving the World

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