Guilded Age Volume 1
If you are reading this today, there’s a good chance you ventured here from Guilded Age. Welcome! Our journey starts at Intervention  last September  in a humble panel room. After we premiered our interactive comic style for “Innovation in Webcomics” and T Campbell showcased his Cruciverbacomics (challenge accepted!) the subject of a guest page was breached.

Peej and I jumped at the chance to portray the characters of Arkerra in the most outlandish way possible. Maybe it was the hours spent playing Super Mario Bros and Minecraft or something else we found in a cow pasture, but we settled almost immediately on the final concept “Shroom Country.”

What ensued was a whirlwind of creativitude. We cashed personal favors and made deals with various devils to get the page done as soon as our own human frailty allowed. After hours of auditions, voice recording, re-takes, foley, art and animation; it’s done! Not a bad holiday season.

Big thanks to everyone involved:

Greg Benge (A,W) – Gravedust Deserthammer, Shroom
Keith Lough – Music
Nina Osegueda – Frigg Akerfeldt
Jamee T Perkins – Syr’Nj
Corinne Simmers – Bandit Keynes
PJ Simmers (W) – Payet Best, Byron Hackenslasher, Shroom

Phil Kahn and T Campbell of course.